How would the project be launched?

We would work towards a jointly agreed start date. All relevant clinical staff would receive information via their managers about the Emerge project and how to refer young people. Emerge would visit relevant departments to [...]

What would be needed practically?

The hospital would need to identify a member of staff (ideally clinical) who agrees to be the Link Person with the Emerge project.  This is a key role in helping the project embed, to dovetail [...]

How would it be funded?

As a charity, Emerge Advocacy can apply for grants to set up and run new projects.  We would begin to do this once we had a definite 'go ahead' from the hospital in question to [...]

What would the first steps be?

Our Director and / or a Trustee would meet with a suitable representative of your hospital for an initial conversation and provisional agreement to move forward. We would then meet / communicate with other key [...]

How do you avoid creating dependency?

Emerge’s team are trained in managing young people’s expectations of our support and promoting healthy attachments.  In particular, we use the Drama / Empowerment triangle model to understand the dynamics involved and how to foster [...]

How do you manage boundaries?

The scope of Emerge’s work is clearly defined by the SOP we have in place with the Royal Surrey and by our own policies and procedures for follow up work. We focus on face to [...]

Do you give false hope?

We always seek to work with the care team’s approach and add value. It’s about the young person’s hope, not ours. Sometimes we help them hold onto it when they struggle to do this for [...]

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