How do you avoid creating dependency?

Emerge’s team are trained in managing young people’s expectations of our support and promoting healthy attachments.  In particular, we use the Drama / Empowerment triangle model to understand the dynamics involved and how to foster [...]

How do you manage boundaries?

The scope of Emerge’s work is clearly defined by the SOP we have in place with the Royal Surrey and by our own policies and procedures for follow up work. We focus on face to [...]

Do you give false hope?

We always seek to work with the care team’s approach and add value. It’s about the young person’s hope, not ours. Sometimes we help them hold onto it when they struggle to do this for [...]

Are you duplicating work done by other agencies?

Emerge’s role is unique in being non-clinical yet professional, informal yet informed.  We are also free of the emotional involvement that family members experience, meaning that we can be a ‘neutral person’ when offering support.

How is your team trained & supported?

Our team are not conventional volunteer youth workers.  Many are people who have had a professional background in roles which have given them transferable skills and experience.  Others are experts by personal experience who are now well [...]

Who are you commissioned by?

Emerge is an independent charity, funded through grants and donations. Our work is valued by statutory agencies and was noted by the CQC report as an example of excellence in innovation in A&E. While we [...]

What is Emerge?

Emerge is a Christian youth work charity, founded in 2016 by Youth Worker Joy Wright in the Royal Surrey County Hospital.  We provide trained volunteer youth workers to support people aged 10 – 25 who [...]