As a team it has been fantastic to be back in the hospital over the past few months, back to supporting young people in crisis, back to encouraging the incredible staff in all they are doing and back to spreading love and hope. Although COVID is by no means over, with hospital induction training, health and safety, PPE and everything else, our volunteers are equipped to keep visiting the hospital safely, able to be with young people who are at a really low point so that they don’t have to go through it alone.

I think this is so important and now more than ever!


For safety reasons, most patients aren’t allowed to have someone with them whilst they wait in A&E or sit on a ward, waiting for treatment. Obviously, this is important to reduce risk and keep people safe, but as you can imagine this can be really difficult for someone who is already feeling anxious, stressed or unhappy.

We are really thankful to the staff for allowing us to continue visiting the hospital and supporting young people. We are thankful for the way they work with us to make sure everyone is safe AND supported. 

A couple of weeks ago one of our volunteers, Katie, supported a young woman called Hope* in hospital who was really distressed, and on top of that, she was alone. Katie was able to sit with her for a couple of hours, chatting and colouring. Check out the feedback that Hope gave Katie.

What a difference it can make, giving our time to be with people, to slow down and take time to invest in them. Now more than ever we need to be in our local hospitals to help ease the suffering of young people like Hope.

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* Name changed for anonymity