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At Emerge Advocacy, we are specialists in supporting young people attending A&E because of self-harm or suicide attempt through our Emerge projects.  We use our knowledge to deliver preventative work for schools, churches, for parents and in youth work settings, equipping adults and teenagers to understand this emotive topic using tried and tested material.

We understand self-harm as a coping strategy which is not necessarily a precursor to suicide, but an indicator that, if a young person does not receive appropriate support, their mental health may deteriorate and their risk elevate.

Our training introduces the concept of self-harm as an umbrella which young people cling on to, to protect themselves from the storms of life.

Here’s what we cover:

  • What constitutes self-harm – what is the umbrella made of?

  • Why self-harm is not an effective coping strategy – the leaky umbrella.

  • Why young people resort to self-harm – can we change the weather?

  • The relationship between self-harm and suicide – the self-harm continuum.

  • What we can do instead – can we fashion a more effective umbrella?

  • Local and national support – where can we find more shelter?

This training is delivered through interactive, thought provoking and hope-filled sessions.

We can also advise schools and colleges on the setting up of small groups to work with individuals who would benefit from extra support in this area.

“Great training – informative and not boring!  All questions valued and answered so well.”

For more information about our training, or to make a booking, contact us at, or call 07534 331 455.

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