Emerge Projects at the Medway Maritime Hospital

Our youth workers who provide short term support for young people who find themselves in A&E because they are struggling with self-harm or feeling suicidal.

Medway Maritime Hospital

We’re in the process of building our support at Medway Maritime Hospital,

but the team are there to support you 7pm – 11pm Tuesday to Thursday over the phone at the hospital.

Give us a call on 07983136215 or ask a member of the hospital staff to call us.

Drop us an email at: hellomedway@emergeadvocacy.com

Meet the Team

Hi there, I’m Linda, joint Project Lead for the Medway Project in Kent. I feel so honoured to be part of the Emerge family, supporting young people going through tough emotional times, helping them to feel heard and encouraging them to find hope.
I am married to an exceptionally kind man called Pete and am a proud Mum of two adult children and a very cheeky Cocker spaniel who loves long walks, belly rubs and socks!
Linda has been supporting young people with their mental health since 2008, as an Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner within a SEN school, where she mainly specialised in CBT.
Hi, I’m Stephanie and I’m joint Project Lead for the Emerge Project at Medway Maritime Hospital. I love working with young people and you can often find me playing games with children and young adults alike. Making people laugh and showing love is what I do and so joining Emerge was a no brainer. At Emerge, I am able to walk alongside young people in their darkest times, to listen, to encourage, to support and to be a voice of hope: it’s a privilege!
In my spare time I sing, often making up silly songs for random situations, write stories, watch movies and binge watch TV shows.
Stephanie has been doing youth work since 2013 and has gained experience with working with young people from a variety of backgrounds.

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