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If Emerge is supporting a young person you’re working with, or you’d like to speak to us for any reason, do get in touch.

Emerge offers a caring and compassionate service to teenagers and young adults in their time of great distress, the value of which cannot be underestimated. Patients consistently give positive feedback. It has been demonstrated time and again that creating a calming environment around patients experiencing psychiatric disturbance benefits them greatly, shortening admissions, lessening the severity of their illness and medication requirements. The Emerge service is fundamental to this process and adds staffing at a one to one level without cost to the NHS, win win in terms of psychiatric care!

young boyDr Dominic Harrison, Locum Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Psychiatry Lead - Royal Surrey County Hospital
Emerge has a Christian ethos, does that mean you’re imposing your views on young people?!2020-07-15T10:45:48+00:00
  • Whilst we are motivated by our Christian faith, Emerge does not discuss matters of faith with young people unless the young person initiates it.
  • If a young person does wish to speak about spiritual matters, our priority is to listen to and affirm them, we do not impose our own views.
  • Emerge’s team always values the individual and the journey that person is on, irrespective of their beliefs or choices, we will listen and support them without judgement.
  • Emerge is there to bring care and compassion indiscriminately.
How would we manage troubleshooting and ensure a good working relationship with Emerge?2020-07-15T10:43:49+00:00
  • The hospital’s designated Link Person with Emerge is crucial here.  They would be the go-to person for staff who had a question or concern and the point of contact within the hospital for the Emerge leadership.
  • The Advisory Group would continue to meet bi-monthly as a forum for review and future planning.
  • Emerge would need to be given a standing slot in staff training for nurses, doctors and A&E receptionists to train them in the role of Emerge, correct referral process and to maintain the profile of the project in their minds to maximise referrals.
  • Emerge would have a named team member who would be the lead for the project in your hospital.  They would keep in touch with key staff, attend all Advisory Group meetings, and meet periodically with the Link Person to discuss operational matters and ensure an effective and successful project.
  • Whilst Emerge operates within the hospital setting and not directly with CAMHS, it is helpful to include relevant CAMHS practitioners in conversations about the project at an early stage so that it can be implemented in such a way as to engage well with CAMHS and work effectively alongside their pathways.
How would the project be launched?2020-07-15T10:42:14+00:00
  • We would work towards a jointly agreed start date.
  • All relevant clinical staff would receive information via their managers about the Emerge project and how to refer young people.
  • Emerge would visit relevant departments to meet staff and reinforce the message about the launch and how to refer.
  • Emerge would place leaflets, posters etc in patient areas to advertise the service.
How about authorisation / sign off on the project?2020-07-15T10:41:17+00:00
  • The hospital’s Safeguarding Team, A&E Clinical Lead and Director of Nursing would need to approve / sign off the Emerge Project safeguarding policy and Standard Operating Procedure.
What would be needed practically?2020-07-15T10:37:14+00:00
  • The hospital would need to identify a member of staff (ideally clinical) who agrees to be the Link Person with the Emerge project.  This is a key role in helping the project embed, to dovetail with A&E and paediatric admission processes, resolve practical issues, to raise the profile of the project and make connections with other key staff.
  • The Link Person would then draw together other key staff members to form an Advisory Group, who would meet with Emerge monthly during the project set up phase and for a period post-launch before reducing to bi-monthly.  This group’s function would be to support the project to dovetail with hospital procedures and pathways, to approve policies and procedures sending these to relevant colleagues for sign off when necessary, and to guide and facilitate the effective setup and running of the work.
  • The Emerge team members need to be authorised to be on-site and have ID etc.  This can be done through the hospital volunteering office.
  • A space for secure storage for Emerge paperwork would need to be provided within the hospital site.
  • Approval would need to be given for Emerge’s publicity to be displayed in relevant areas.
How would it be funded?2020-07-15T10:37:10+00:00
  • As a charity, Emerge Advocacy can apply for grants to set up and run new projects.  We would begin to do this once we had a definite ‘go ahead’ from the hospital in question to begin work on set up.
  • Some projects we run are funded fully or partly by a CCG or Council.  Where this is the case, we have a Service Level Agreement in place.  Emerge is set up to submit data to NHS Digital if desired.
What would the first steps be?2020-07-15T10:37:07+00:00
  • Our Director and / or a Trustee would meet with a suitable representative of your hospital for an initial conversation and provisional agreement to move forward.
  • We would then meet / communicate with other key leads i.e. A&E, Safeguarding, Volunteering, Information Governance, Children’s Ward, Psych Liaison to develop an understanding of what Emerge is and how it would work within their area of responsibility. This would enable Emerge to tailor the policies and procedures for the project to your hospital.
What is Emerge?2020-04-18T14:18:20+00:00

Emerge is a Christian youth work charity, founded in 2016 by Youth Worker Joy Wright in the Royal Surrey County Hospital.  We provide trained volunteer youth workers to support people aged 10 – 25 who in A&E because of self-harming behaviour or suicidal ideation.

Our team are available Monday – Saturday 7 pm until 11 pm, operating on an on-call service as well as a regular physical presence within the hospital.

We offer follow up to young people for up to three months post-discharge.

Who are you commissioned by?2020-04-18T14:20:45+00:00

Emerge is an independent charity, funded through grants and donations.

Our work is valued by statutory agencies and was noted by the CQC report as an example of excellence in innovation in A&E.

While we are purposely not statutory, we very much value and support the work of statutory organisations.

How is your team trained & supported?2020-04-18T14:22:20+00:00

Our team are not conventional volunteer youth workers.  Many are people who have had a professional background in roles which have given them transferable skills and experience.  Others are experts by personal experience who are now well established in a place of stability.

Our training includes:

  • Level 3 Safeguarding

  • Self-harm & risk awareness

  • Data protection

  • Self-care


  • Regular debrief

  • Non-managerial supervision

  • Ongoing training

Your team are not clinically trained, is it appropiate for them to be working in a complex clinical environment?2020-04-18T14:23:45+00:00

Emerge is purposely non-clinical and do not perform a clinical role, we’re simply there to listen and offer emotional support.  We do work closely with clinical professionals and pass on information about young people where necessary.

We take care to only recruit team members who can relate well both with young people and professionals alike.

We value our position as volunteers and find the fact that our team members are freely giving their time is appreciated within the hospital by staff and patients – it affords us goodwill in many difficult situations.

Are you duplicating work done by other agencies?2020-04-18T14:24:46+00:00

Emerge’s role is unique in being non-clinical yet professional, informal yet informed.  We are also free of the emotional involvement that family members experience, meaning that we can be a ‘neutral person’ when offering support.

Do you give false hope?2020-04-18T14:25:24+00:00

We always seek to work with the care team’s approach and add value.

It’s about the young person’s hope, not ours. Sometimes we help them hold onto it when they struggle to do this for themselves.

We always believe there’s hope and a way through, it’s the reason we do what we do.

Having someone who believes in you can make all the difference.

How do you manage boundaries?2020-04-18T14:26:03+00:00

The scope of Emerge’s work is clearly defined by the SOP we have in place with the Royal Surrey and by our own policies and procedures for follow up work.

We focus on face to face support, signposting young people to other services for crisis support.

We have one dedicated phone number; our team never give out personal contact information.

We are proactive in connecting with key clinicians when beginning work with a young person to establish a good professional relationship and seeking their guidance on how Emerge can be of the most assistance within a young person’s care package.

How do you avoid creating dependency?2020-04-18T14:26:28+00:00

Emerge’s team are trained in managing young people’s expectations of our support and promoting healthy attachments.  In particular, we use the Drama / Empowerment triangle model to understand the dynamics involved and how to foster problem solving, creativity and engagement in those we work with.

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