How would the project be launched?

We would work towards a jointly agreed start date. All relevant clinical staff would receive information via their managers about the Emerge project and how to refer young people. Emerge would visit relevant departments to [...]

What would be needed practically?

The hospital would need to identify a member of staff (ideally clinical) who agrees to be the Link Person with the Emerge project.  This is a key role in helping the project embed, to dovetail [...]

How would it be funded?

As a charity, Emerge Advocacy can apply for grants to set up and run new projects.  We would begin to do this once we had a definite 'go ahead' from the hospital in question to [...]

What would the first steps be?

Our Director and / or a Trustee would meet with a suitable representative of your hospital for an initial conversation and provisional agreement to move forward. We would then meet / communicate with other key [...]

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